How To Thread A Singer 9960

December 20, 2017

So you went out and purchased your Singer 9960 sewing machine and unboxed it. After assembling your machine, you are really excited to get started.

First of all, you are going to have to thread your machine. The steps to threading a sewing machine may seem a little daunting but with practice, you are going to be able to thread your sewing machine like a pro!!!

How To Thread A Singer 9960
sewing machine with red thread roll

Here are the steps involved in threading your Singer 9960 sewing machine:

Bobbin Setting

  1. Raise the presser foot
  2. Move the black button over to the right and remove the bobbin
  3. Lift the spool pin from the left, take off the cap, put spool of thread on the spool pin, and put the cap back on.
  4. Bring the thread over to the part of the machine that says 1 and go under that
  5. Then go around the metal thread guide
  6. Now, take the thread to the bobbin winding tension disk and go under a little round part that is sticking out and then around the bobbin winding tension disk.
  7. Insert the thread into the bobbin that you have from step 2 and then out the top of the bobbin.
  8. Hang on to the thread and snap the bobbin on to the spindle
  9. Move the spindle over to the right
  10. Use the start/stop button and start winding until the bobbin is full. (The machine will beep)
  11. Move the bobbin spindle back to the left, take off the bobbin, and cut the thread.
  12. Put bobbin back into the machine with the thread going off to the left.

Threading the Upper Thread

  1. Remove the thread from the spool pin.
  2. Go under 1, then around 2, down 3, around 4 back up to 5 and around 5 and down to 6
  3. Put thread into the guide above the needle.
  4. Push down on needle threader, bring thread under the hook and over.
  5. Bring thread in between prongs and release needle threader
  6. Pull loop behind needle

Now your needle is threaded.

This is a lot of steps to take in. So Singer has put out a very nice video on threading your machine!!

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