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The Top 10 Best Sewing Books- For Beginners or Advanced Sewers!

By Marie

May 2, 2018

Is sewing your favorite hobby? Or do you want to generate extra income from it? If so, you need a reliable guide along the way. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned sewer, reading sewing books is a surefire tip to increase your knowledge and improve your skills in sewing. Keep reading as we review the best sewing books and the best sewing books for beginners on the market today.

The Top 10 Best Sewing Books For Beginners/Advanced

If you’re looking for the best sewing books or the top sewing books in the marketplace, here are 10 books you can choose from. This review includes the pros and cons of each book to help you come up with a well-informed decision.

1. The Sewing Machine Master Guide- From Basic to Expert-Best Basic Sewing Book

If you’re looking for the best basic sewing book, then this one is right for you. It helps you learn the basics while giving you a kick start to expert sewing.
It has detailed instruction regarding how to use vintage and modern sewing machines. The chapters are focused on stitches, needles, fabric, setting up the sewing room, and unlocking your creativity.


  • Easy to Navigate
  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any knowledge in sewing. Beginners like you will surely find it easy to navigate the introductory chapters.
  • Two-in-One–While some sewing books are focused on a single level of experience, this one is intended both for newbies and experts. It touches the basics while detailing advanced subjects.
  • One of the better vintage sewing books on the market.


  • A bit pricey
  • Since it’s a two-in-one guide, you can expect it to be a bit pricey compared to other sewing books out there.
  • Can be quite overwhelming–This book covers multiple insights regarding industrial and home machines. This could be a bit overwhelming for beginners. Hence, it really needs serious thought among beginners.


If you want to erase the hate part of sewing, then this sewing book is all you need. It will make sewing much easier and more convenient for you.

2. The Sewing Book- An Encyclopedic Resource Step-by-Step Techniques

Every technique in sewing helps you enhance your sewing creativity. The Sewing Book gives you a handy guide to your sewing endeavor.

This book is well photographed, thoroughly explained and sharply detailed. This sewing guide starts with the basic toolkit, including the different types of cutting tool. It also includes different pattern information, proper way of cutting and adjustment. It has also a detailed explanation of key stitches.


  • Clearly explained–Each substantial section clearly explains everything you need to take your sewing skills into a newer height. It puts emphasis on showcase darts, pleats and zips in a concise manner.
  • Add-ons
  • Another great thing about the book is that it includes 25 home décor as well as clothing projects located at the back of the book.
  • Great for beginners


  • Not so ideal for experts–This book is more focused on teaching beginners. Hence, if you are an expert and you want to improve further in sewing, then you might want to look for other books in the marketplace.


Rounding up, this book can be a good choice if you want to learn the step-by-steps in sewing. You might want to give it a try! This is one of the best sewing book for beginners on the market today!!

3. First Time Sewing- The Absolute Beginner’s Guide-Best Sewing Book For Beginners

Whether you want to sew using a machine or hand stitches, this sewing book makes a perfect partner for you. This is one of the best sewing books for beginners.

It features step by step instruction regarding all the nuts and bolts of sewing. It is packed with detailed descriptions of tools and materials that are necessary in sewing.


  • Straightforward–Unlike other books, First Time Sewing is an upfront guide to sewing. It teaches the basics of sewing in a very comprehensive manner thus making it easy to follow.
  • Photos are included–One great thing about this sewing book is that it includes photos in the step by step instruction. This makes it easy for readers to grasp the instruction.
  • Another great book for beginners



To make your stitching projects more amazing than ever, be guided by this sewing book. First Time Sewing will teach you the necessarily skills in sewing. It is one of the best sewing books for beginners.

4. Singer Complete Photo Guide to Sewing 1200 Full-Color How-To Photos

Are you a visual learner looking for a sewing guide with pictures? If so, Singer Complete Photo Guide sewing is written for you. This book has everything a sewer needs and more in a beautifully illustrated format.

With 352 pages along with 1100 photographs, rest assured that you’ll learn a wide range of skills regarding sewing. It details step by step guide in tailoring, sewing using machines, and creating awesome home décor projects.


  • Full-Color Photos–What makes this sewing guide a better option than another book is that it has full-color instruction photos. If you can’t grasp the word instruction, then those photos would surely help you.
  • For beginner and Pro–Newbie and pros alike can both benefit from this book. With a clear beginner’s guide and advanced tailoring projects, any experience level will benefit from this book.
  • Different sections–The sections include using conventional machines, fashion sewing, the right tools, and insights, to name a few. Everything you need is here.


  • Fairly expensive


This complete photo guide can be your most valuable tool towards your sewing success. You can now get a clear picture of every spectacular project.

5. Sewing to Sell-The Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Craft Business with Bonus – 16 Starter Projects

Do you want to level up your sewing journey? Are you planning to start a sewing business? If so, this starter sewing guide is an excellent choice. This is one of the best sewing craft books on the market today.

This book includes all the things you need to craft your tailoring business. It features a style guide to sewing, tips in identifying customers, selling your crafts, and marketing yourself.


  • All-in-One book–You don’t have to buy separate books for designing patterns, pricing your work, finding your style, etch. This book has all your sewing needs covered if you are looking to start your own business
  • Comes with 16 projects–The collection of the 16 projects is a surefire help for you to get started in sewing and selling.
  • A great book if you want to start your own sewing business


  • A tad expensive but it may be worth it if your business takes off!


If your favorite past time is sewing, why not get the most of it. Turn it into this business, be guided by this book, and the next thing you know, you already have a thriving sewing business. It is one of the best sewing craft books on the market today.

6. The Sewing Machine Accessory Bible

Do you long to work effortlessly to craft your sewing work? If yes, then the Sewing Machine Accessory Bible makes a perfect choice for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, or you are a pro. Anything you want to learn is here.


This sewing guide features a detailed explanation of feet attachments, from basic a zigzag foot to a specialty technique. It includes time-saving sewing tricks, tips in picking a fabric, and tricks in using sergers.


  • Reputed author–This how-to book is a product of Wendy Gardiner, an esteemed editor of different sewing titles for a number of years. All of her experiences have been the inspiration for this book.
  • It describes sewing feet in detail–One important aspect of sewing is working on the machine feet. Luckily, this book is generous enough in disclosing info about the different machine feet in detail.


  • Limited photos–we thought that the photos are not well encrypted and quite limited. If you prefer learning through photos, you might want to choose another guide with more illustrations.


Clearly, this guide has what it takes to be one of the best sewing how-to books in the market. The features are excellent enough for a dedicated sewer like you.

7. Sewing School: 21 Projects Kids Will Love to Make

If you are looking for a fun hobby for your kids, this book is for you. It could really make them interested in sewing for the rest of their lives.

Sewing School is a handy sewing guide for kids ages 5 and above. It is packed with easy to follow engaging instruction along with cut out patterns, colorful illustrations, and more. It also comes with 21 amazing sewing projects for your little ones.


  • Fun Sewing projects for kid–If you want something fun for your kids, then this book can help you indulge your cuties into sewing. They get to learn exciting projects such as colorful pillows, blankets, dolls, potholders and more.
  • No sewing machine needed–With this book, kids can learn simple hand stitches, as there is no sewing machine required.
  • One of the best sewing books for kids on the market today!


  • Kids will need supervision–Some of the guide may be confusion to kids so it’s good for parents to be part of the learning process.


Above all, Sewing School is a great option if you want a low-cost activity for your kids. This book will surely increase your kid’s confidence while learning a new craft.

8. Sewing For Dummies

A complete guide to basic sewing is here. If you want to create or repair clothing seamlessly, then Sewing for Dummies is just all you need.

This hands-on guide includes later information about different sewing techniques. It comes with easy to follow instruction, step by step photos, plus fresh patterns, amazing projects and stitches. It also touches the common mistakes in sewing and gives tips on how to avoid them.


  • Self-Taught Friendly Guide–You don’t need anyone to comprehend this easy to read book.
  • It’s helpful in finding any basic information any sewer might need.
  • Fresh patterns–With Sewing for Dummies, you can break free from dull designs. The new designs and projects can sharpen your creativity in sewing.


  • A little bit short–we thought that this book is a little bit short. It should have used more illustrations and included more projects.


Overall, Sewing for Dummies may have a few flaws but those are outweighed by the amazing features that it has. It can be a good partner to your successful sewing ventures.

9. My First Sewing Machine Book: Learn To Sew-Kids

Are your kids starting to craft their own sewing projects? Why not give them a comprehensive guide? My First Sewing Machine Book is a surefire guide for you kids to start a great hobby like sewing.


With clear and bright illustrations, this sewing guide for kids has a lot of patterns and templates included in it. It includes simple yet fun projects for your little ones. It teaches your kids about the basics of using sewing machines such as controlling the foot pedal, raising and lowering the presser foot, and more.


  • Very Informative–Your child can quickly learn a lot of things from the vast array of information included in it. From using fabrics to creating cool projects, this book has it all!
  • Low-cost–If you’re on right budget, fret not. This book comes with an affordable price so it won’t surely hurt your pocketbook,


  • Few Exercises–As the book is a bit short, it has only few projects and exercises. Moms can look online if they want more options for their kids.


My First Sewing Machine Book, as the name itself implies, can be your kid’s first step to his/her sewing endeavor. Give this book as a gift to him/her and let their imagination run wild!

10. New Complete Guide to Sewing: Step-by-Step Techniques for Making Clothes and Home Accessories

If you want to sew your own unique creations, then the New Complete Guide to Sewing is all you need. It is an effective guide for every sewer, regardless of experience level.


This book teaches you how to cut patterns and create unique clothing. It also has easy to follow directions on patterns along with comprehensive symbols. This book is also packed with photos that are very easy to follow, while also citing some examples of sewing particular garments.


  • Detailed Images–The detailed images make it much easier for beginners to follow the instructions.
  • Has excellent examples–This guide includes some examples on how to execute construction pieces such as lapped zippers and pockets.


  • It does not provide a detailed overview of using a sewing machine.


This comprehensive sewing book is very easy to understand. It could stay with you for many years to come.

Well, there you have it. Those are our top picks for the best sewing books and top sewing books on the market today. Please feel free to leave a comment!!

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