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April 4, 2020
Best Sewing Machine for Free Motion Quilting

Whether you are a beginner in free-motion quilting or you’re a seasoned pro, deciding on which sewing machine to purchase can be complicated. They have many similar characteristics, but you should pay attention to details. Sometimes, one small thing can make your work easier and improve your results significantly. To help you out in your […]

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November 1, 2018
Best Chair For Your Sewing Machine Room-Sew in Comfort!

If you have a big (or small) sewing project, you want to be comfortable. Some sewing projects take days, weeks, months or sometimes years!!! So in order to be comfortable, you need a comfortable sewing chair. Today, we are going to discuss and review the best chair for your sewing machine room on the market […]

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October 14, 2018
Best Embroidery Machine for Small Home Business Use

Starting your own business can be a daunting thought, but it can also be one of the most have rewarding things which you can do, and the best decision of your life. A home based business gives you a freedom which you cannot experience when working for someone else. Have you an interest in embroidery? […]

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October 12, 2018
What is the Best Embroidery Machine for Beginners or a Beginner?

So, you are thinking about getting into the great hobby of embroidery and you are wondering what is the best embroidery machine for beginners or a beginner to use at home. We applaud your choice of hobbies!!!! Embroidery machines are becoming more and more popular. Some people are creating businesses around embroidery while others are […]

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September 19, 2018
Best Sewing Machine for a Child-Kids Will Love Them!

Best Sewing Machine For a Child Thanks for stopping by our article on the best sewing machine for a child. Your kids are creative little people. No matter where you are or what you are doing, they will always find a way to do it more creatively. They do not think as adults do. They […]

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September 16, 2018
Which Embroidery Machine is the Best? Our Reviews!!

Which Embroidery Machine is the Best? Thanks for stopping by our post on which embroidery machine is the best. Embroidery machines are becoming more and more popular. Sewing machines can do a lot, but they cannot create the intricate patterns which embroidery machines are capable of. Sewing machines may be able to combine two fabrics […]

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August 24, 2018
How To Thread A Handheld Sewing Machine-Made Easy!

If you have purchased or are looking to purchase a handheld sewing machine, you are going to need to know how to thread it. A handheld sewing machine is perfect for a person that is on the go, but still needs some fabric repair. If you are a person that travels a lot for business […]

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August 23, 2018
How to Identify A Singer Sewing Machine By the Serial Number

If you are one of the lucky people that own or inherited an old, antique Singer sewing machine, you may want to know how old it is and how much it is worth!! Singer sewing machines were first manufactured in 1851, so if you have an older model, you may have a collector's item on […]

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August 23, 2018
Which Sewing Machine is Best for Home Use?

Which sewing machine is best for home use? Well, that depends on what you are going to use the sewing machine for. Today, there are many reasons that a person would want to use a sewing machine at home. You may be a person that wants to upgrade from their old sewing machine. Or, you […]

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August 9, 2018
How to Become a Sewing Machine Repair Person/Technician!!

There are many different reasons that a person would want to know how to become a sewing machine repair person/technician. Obviously, everyone's situation is different, so their reasons will be different. How to Become a Sewing Machine Repair Person/Technician-Reasons Here are some reasons that people would want to become a sewing machine repair person/technician: Career-you […]

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