How To Clean A Brother Sewing Machine

December 21, 2017

If you have purchased a sewing machine from Brother, you know that they are top-notch sewing machines. They are some of the best-made sewing machines in the world. Also, you may have paid a considerable amount of money for your Brother sewing machine. Even though they are some of the best-made sewing machines in the world, they still need to be cleaned.

How To Clean A Brother Sewing Machine
brushing the inner parts of sewing machine

The more you used your sewing machine, the more you have to clean it. Some companies say that you should clean your sewing machine after every 10 hours of use. If you sew a lot of flannel or felt, you may have to clean it even sooner than 10 hours. If you clean your sewing machine on a regular basis, the better your machine will run. Kind of like a car and changing the oil. You paid good money for your machine so its a good idea to take care of it.

Here are the steps in cleaning your Brother sewing machine:

  1. Use the owner's manual for easy to follow diagrams
  2. First, turn off and unplug the sewing machine. This takes away any chance of getting a shock
  3. Raise the needle and presser foot.
  4. Loosen the presser foot screw and the needle clamp screw with the tool included with your machine.
  5. Remove presser foot and needle
  6. Remove the needle plate cover by sliding toward you.
  7. Lift out the bobbin case
  8. Use the lint brush included with your machine or a small vacuum cleaner attachment to remove any lint or dust under the needle plate cover. Please do not use canned air to do this as it could cause moisture to get into your machine
  9. Wipe out the bobbin case.
  10. Put bobbin case back.
  11. Put needle plate cover back.
  12. Put presser foot and needle back on the sewing machine.

Remember, if you do not clean your sewing machine and you let dust and lint get into your machine, you will have problems. Your machine will get louder and slower. This will cause your sewing machine to bog down and potentially stop working. Thus wasting your hard earned money.

Here is a really nice video on How to Clean Your Brother Sewing Machine.

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