Best Embroidery Machine for Monogramming-Your Monograms Will Rock!

May 31, 2018
Best Embroidery Machine for Monogramming

Are you planning on learning how to do monogramming and are looking for the best embroidery machine for monogramming? Perhaps, you are looking to customize your shirt or bath towels or cap, and you think that monograms would be perfect for all of these. If you are eager to learn about it and make a hobby out if it, then you’ll need the best embroidery machine for monograms that you can use for this interesting activity.

What is Monogramming?

It is quite common for most people to interchange the use of the terms monogramming and embroidery because of how slightly similar these are. But there is a huge difference between the two of them, and it may help to define that distinction to be more aware of which is which.

Basically, monogramming is the technique of adding a decorative element to customize an item. It mainly pertains to a motif that includes an initial or more initials to present a certain possession. Its history goes back to early Greece where the Ancient rulers would sign a document using their initials. But in the Middle Ages, this practice has evolved more as a way of adding decoration to crafts or for personalization purposes.

Monogramming served a different purposes in the Victorian Era. At this time, monograms are more of a symbol of one’s prestige. The royalties would have monograms on their garments, and it is a more common practice among these members of the nobility. The lower class or average people also used monograms, but it is usually made with the use of a personalization stamp instead of actually being stitched on their linens.

Monograms mainly symbolize the initials of a person’s name, although there are times that they may offer other meanings. But regardless of the meaning behind a monogram, this form of art is simply applied through stamping, painting, or embroidery into the cloth. Household linens and clothes for children and adults may contain these monograms to add a touch of class, design, and customization all in one.

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How to Choose the Best Embroidery Machine for Monogramming

Now that we know what monogramming is all about and its purpose, let's go over the different features you should look for when buying an embroidery machine for monogramming. There are numerous options available on the market, which can make the selection a little tricky. But to make the choice much easier for you, we have decided to give you some pointers on how to buy one that’s suitable for your needs.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. What are your preferences?

Some sewing machines are good for both monogramming and embroidery, while others are only capable of supporting embroidery. If you think you want to dabble in these two crafts, then purchasing a machine that can support both will be an excellent choice for you. But of course, this would come with a higher price tag because of more features and capabilities.

2. What is your budget?

An embroidery machine for monogramming can easily cost you several thousands of dollars when you opt for the higher end unit. But there are also cheaper ones at $300 or maybe even less. The price depends on whether the unit is high end, which naturally comes with a premium cost. If you have a strict budget, you can do away with a cheaper machine for home use. However, you cannot expect it to be more robust and may even be a tad slower than those commercial-grade embroidery machines.

3. Is it user-friendly?

Perhaps you are just starting with monogramming, which means you have no prior experience with it. In this case, you need a beginner-friendly monogramming machine that does not come with a steep learning curve. Check if the machine is suitable for beginners, or if it is designed for professionals or advanced skill level.

There are some machines that allow you to use some computer programs for creating the designs, which makes the job more efficient. But how adept are you with incorporating the computer into the design production? Maybe you are still starting, but the good thing is that there are helpful instructional guides and even some tutorial videos on how can speed up to learning how to monogram and get the hang of it the soonest possible.

Do you think the instructions are not quite comprehensive? That should not be a problem since there are various online sources that could help fill the gaps with step by step tutorials. There may even be some classes offered by your dealer to up your skill and understanding of how monogramming works.

4. How do you use the monogramming foot?

Now like we have said earlier, there are monogramming machines that can also be used as a sewing machine and vise-versa. This is the case with a unit that comes with a foot, which makes it more versatile. The foot can be attached to the sewing machine, which enables you to view the stitches made because of the larger size of the monogramming foot, as compared with a typical sewing machine’s traditional foot. This is why if you are intending to make eyelets, heirloom stitches, decorative stitches, and scallops, a monogramming foot sure comes in handy.

5. How exactly does the machine work?

With a monogramming machine, you will need software or preprogrammed fonts that you will stitch to the design. There are different ways how various machine models work because of the needles used in the design creation. But mainly, you will first have to create the design, center the design through a hoop, and then you can start putting the monogramming machine to work. There is no need to guide your fabric or even change your stitches because the machine takes care of these things for you - something that you cannot expect from a sewing machine.

6. How do you choose the type of machine to buy?

There are various models, brands, and features in the monogramming machines sold in stores. Some sewing machines can be used for monogramming while others solely focus on embroidery. You can certainly get in a better position for monogramming when you use an embroidery machine that is capable of creating a monogram than just sewing.

7. Do you need a commercial or a home monogramming machine?

Are you thinking about monogramming just for fun or to create simple designs for personal items? Or do you intend to make a business out of this activity? If you are only using it at home, then you may go for less complex machines or beginner-friendly monogramming units. But if the purpose is to use for a small business, then buying something a little more sophisticated and more heavy duty is the practical way to go. The more features, the steeper the cost and the bulkier the unit.

8. Is it convenient to use?

Will you have to deal with hours of getting acquainted with how to use your new monogramming machine? Or are there instructions included to help you get started? There are machines that are very convenient to use, which means you can be up and running right after opening the box and taking the unit out. But there are those units requiring some time and energy before you can finally learn how to use it.

9. What are the features included?

It would be more fun to use a monogramming machine that offers numerous options for the designs and functionalities. Maybe you want to personalize various items, which means you need a wide selection of monogramming fonts. Others may come with a touch screen for ease in enabling a function while others do not offer this feature.

10. What brand should you get?

There are several brands of monogramming machines, with cheaper and steeper price depending on the features and specifications offered. We would suggest that you stick to a brand with an excellent reputation since you can never go wrong with a unit whose name has been in the industry for a number of years. The reputation makes the brand a respected and trusted choice by consumers for a period of time.

11. Is there a warranty?

For your peace of mind, you should consider buying a monogramming machine that comes with a warranty. The warranty is an evidence of the overall quality of the item, as well as the manufacturer’s trust in the kind of product it is. Choose a brand with a warranty that goes for a year or so, which can eliminate the stress in case you will have to seek for a replacement or repair work due to some issues with the machine’s operation.

Buying the best embroidery machine for monogramming involves careful research and a consideration of all the features and qualities you need to keep in mind as you conduct your search. By being aware of all of these, you can boost your chances of buying the right product that truly matches your needs and budget for your total satisfaction and value for your money.

OUR TOP PICK: Brother PE 770 High Quality Embroidery Machine

Are you in need of the best embroidery machine for monogramming? If so, then I’ve got an excellent recommendation for you. It’s the Brother PE 770 embroidery and monogramming machine. Really the best of both worlds in one machine, so you can create those amazing monogramming projects you’ve always wanted. And it’s so easy, too!

Here are the things I love about this embroidery machine:

1. Built-In Features

This machine has a built-in memory, so you can check out the previous designs and options you have selected and used before. That makes it a breeze to save and choose these designs again if you want them in the future.

Another built-in feature to enjoy about this machine is the library of designs. So aside from the saved ones, you can select from hundreds of designs available. There are stunning florals, quilt patterns and scrollwork to choose from. If that’s not enough for you, there are the 10 gorgeous frame shapes and a dozen of border styles that you can select and use with just a touch of a button.

Then, there’s a functional USB port built right into the unit. Say, you have your favorite designs stored in your USB memory stick. You can absolutely import these cool designs from the memory stick for your custom embroidery crafts that are not like any other.

2. Larger Designs 

The embroidery field is pretty spacious at 5 inches x 7 inches. This is perfect since you don’t want to just limit yourself to teeny tiny designs, right? You also want to make jackets, home decor stuff, maybe even bags with your choice of designs. The embroidery field is roomy enough for all of these.

I also like the space provided for other purposes. Maybe you want to rotate designs or mash them up, maybe add frames and lettering and borders at the same time. You can totally make this happen because of the amount of room you’ve got.

3. Editing Features

Sometimes, things don’t go right all the time, so you want to make tweaks to your designs. It’s easy to do this, thanks to the editing functions in the unit. Select the button or option you want on the LCD touchscreen display, and you can easily rotate, decrease, increase, or mirror image the design sizes.

You want to have a better view of how the edited design goes? Then simply check it out on the backlit display measuring 2.7 inches by 1.4 inches. That’s a pretty good size for a display, and you can see how the designs look like on there. I highly advise doing this before you go ahead with the stitching.

4. Easy to Use

If there’s one thing newbies in the world of monogramming want in a great embroidery machine, it would be the low-stress learning curve. Of course, you still need to get acquainted with the unit if it’s just your first time dabbling with it. But this machine doesn’t make it a pain for you.

It is easy to use, and totally beginner-friendly. Okay, so it’s good for newbies, but that doesn’t mean advanced and pro people will just get bored with the machine. It’s got some cool features, but we’re just talking about the ease of getting started with this unit. Just thread the bobbin and top thread, and the auto thread cutter makes stitching consistent and precise. It’s legendary!

5. Great for Home Use

Do you need a unit that you can use at home or for personal use? Then this machine is perfect! It is great for your home projects, and you can count on this machine as your go-to embroidery machine you can grow with. Versatile and fast, it’s a total workhorse minus the bulk.

5. iBroidery Compatibility

Do you think you can handle more designs? Are you looking for something more to add to your projects and perhaps spark your creativity when you feel a little uninspired and not able to think of designs to use? If the hundreds of designs built in the unit is still not enough for you, then you can simply go to for more options. Here’s where you can download your selected embroidery designs for your projects.

So what are some of those designs available? Plenty! There’s Disney and Nickelodeon characters in there, and even Disney Pixar designs. It’s perfect for kids and kids-at-heart who are crazy about these designs for their bags, clothing, etc.


For the most part, this is an excellent embroidery machine. It has so many features, there are built-in components in here, and puts the fun in embroidery and monogramming without a doubt.
Well, except for some minor concerns, though. These are just some issues that may arise, although for most people, these are probably not a biggie at all.

One, the bobbin winding tends to malfunction occasionally, so you’ll have to clean the thread carefully off the post. That should solve this issue and get you back to using the machine without a glitch.

Another thing is the auto thread cutter. It’s great when it’s working properly, but there are instances when the cutter only cuts the thread when it reaches the next color. If you are not interested in this feature because you have a different preferred technique, then it may be a bit of a nuisance for you.

The Verdict

Overall, the Brother PE770 is an excellent deal for your money. It’s beginner-friendly and easy to use, and has hundreds of designs you can choose from. You can customize your monogramming projects with this machine, and there should be no shortage of design ideas for you. It’s a great machine for home or personal use, but it’s super functional and feature-rich, that it can also be something you can grow with for years and years to come. Indeed, you can never go wrong by purchasing this best embroidery machine for monogramming because it’s a true value for the money with all the features and functions that it has.

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