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Why We Think Sewing is Awesome!

When I took up sewing, it was almost out of necessity. Money was not readily available, so when clothes needed to be made or repaired, sew was the way to go. As years went on, my daughter became interested in sewing and it became something we could do together. Kind of mother/daughter bonding time.

I also find sewing to be very challenging. The bigger the challenge, the better. Although the bigger challenges can be frustrating at times, there is no better feeling when you finish a challenging project and it looks great!

We like the creativity that sewing brings to the table. Sewing allows you to open your mind and try to come up with something more creative than your last project. It allows you to start with basically nothing and end with something great.

When I am done with a project and my family absolutely raves about it, it gives me a lot of confidence. It is nice to be really good at something in life. It also really, really relaxes me. Your mind is working, but in a relaxing way. These are just some of the reasons we think sewing is awesome!!!

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